Sample Trip

We know you have many  questions regarding air ambulance tranportation. It’s important to know exactly how the events will occur. Below you’ll find a summary of the preparation and work we put into a typical medical transportation.

When it comes to air ambulance transportation – experience matters. Our pilots and medical professionals are highly skilled and trained. Our teams are certified in specialized areas such as critical care, trauma and at-risk patients and adhere to the strict protocols and procedures of the medical flight industry.

Pre Flight Preparation

  1. A phone call is received by our corporate office and a new customer speaks with an air ambulance advisor. Information is shared and questions and answers are given. Once the customer is comfortable with our service and staff a flight can be scheduled.
  2. A Flight Coordinator creates a detailed itinerary and conducts organization and transfer procedures between hospitals, doctors, case managers, family members and ambulances.
  3. A specialized on staff Physician is assigned the case and begins reviewing patient information. His primary responsibility is the health and wellness of the patient during the transport. As such, he organizes a transfer between the sending and receiving physicians and a medical protocol for the patient.
  4. Once an itinerary and protocol have been created they are reviewed by all team members. Equipment, flight schedules and transfer procedures are double checked and verified.

Day of the Flight

  1. The Flight Coordinator prepares all parties from our corporate offices. Flight plans are reviewed and finalized.
  2. The medical crew inspects and prepares all medical equipment and any necessary medications. The pilots inspect and prepare all flight instrumentation verifying the plane is ready to fly.
  3. Our crew flies to the patient’s location and travels by ground ambulance to the hospital or medical center.
  4. The patient and family receive communication from the Flight Coordinator that the Medical Crew has arrived and are in route to the hospital.
  5. Our Medical Crew is introduced to the family and patient. The patient’s condition is thoroughly assessed by our Doctor. The patient is transported to the airport by ground ambulance.
  6. The patient and family are safely boarded onto the medical jet. When the patient and passengers are seated, the flight begins.
  7. Often both patient and family rest and sleep during a quiet and peaceful flight. The Medical Crew attends to any needs of the family or patient. The Flight Coordinator alerts the receiving ambulance and hospital of the patients estimated time of arrival.
  8. The patient arrives at the destination and is transferred by ground ambulance to the appropriate care center by the Medical Crew.
  9. The Medical Crew reviews the patient’s trip records with the receiving nurses and says farewell to patient and family.

Follow Up

  1. Flight Coordinator completes the Trip File and follows up with family to answer any final questions.
  2. The Flight Coordinator calls the insurance company to review the case.