Insurance Coverage on Air Ambulance Flights

All insurance companies have certain requirements and conditions necessary to recover the cost of an air ambulance transport. In most cases, insurance companies require an urgent medical need which has been documented by a physician. Start by reviewing your insurance policy and call your provider for specific information. In most domestic cases or those that require urgent medical need, some form of medical reimbursement is available. staff and insurance experts can help you with your reimbursement questions and assist you with the proper procedures. Our team will prepare you to have the necessary information for reimbursement prior to the trip. This helps to expedite the reimbursement process. Assisting our customers with insurance reimbursement is another example of our efforts to make the entire process less demanding and less stressful.

Medicaid is also able to cover the cost of air ambulance services, in the instance of medical necessity within the United States. Medicaid and Medicare have very stringent requirements for International medical reimbursement. Call today to learn more, or contact a Medicare & Medicaid representative directly.