Our Commitment


Our Mission is to provide the highest level of care, safety and expertise to secure safe passage for all our clients. We provide domestic and international medical assisted travel to the injured and infirmed. Our team, which is fully licensed and accredited, promotes our company values of outstanding personal care. A safe and successful flight is our first priority. Our second priority is the comfort, security and confidence of the passengers. As such, we treat every patient as family. We value our patients, our clients, our employees. Through a steadfast belief in our values, we have seen our company grow to one of the largest and most successful private aeromedical companies in the nation.


Medical transportation can be full of stress and anxiety. In order to help ease the concerns of our patients, as well as those scheduling a flight on behalf of the patients, we firmly believe trust and confidence must be earned prior to a service agreement. Our philosophy is to provide outstanding care and service. This philosophy extends beyond the flight. Prior to any ambulance transport, our team is trained to serve and support. From the initial phone call to the final farewell, we focus on your satisfaction. We do not under estimate the value of trust. By doing so, our patients are able to rest and relax in our care.


If you are searching for an air ambulance, ask yourself – what would make me feel confident I have chosen the right firm? The answer is confidence. If you are confident in the team’s medical capabilities, flight logistics, and the employees attentiveness to the patients personal care you have found the right solution. We hope to hear from you soon and begin a safe and worry free journey.


We have been providing safe passage for patients in need of medical flights for over 20 years. We have successfully transported over 90,000 patients. The company was founded on the belief of providing outstanding medical and personal care during flights. Since our beginning we have been proud to be a part of some of the world’s most critical situation. In 2005 we helped transport over 100 Hurricane Katrina victims. We also assisted the Department of Homeland Security in providing Mexican patients safe travel from the U.S. back to Mexico. In 2003 we also worked with the U.S. Department of Defense as an emergency evacuation firm for the Alaskan Missile Defense Project.