Our Fleet

All ambulance transports are carried out by jet, turboprop or twin-engine airplanes. Our fleet includes a variety of options which can be used to accommodate any medical case or condition. The most important conditions to consider when selecting a medical flight are the distance to be traveled and the number of passengers or family members traveling with the patient. Each case has its own unique transportation, service and scheduling requirements. A typical medical charter requires the coordination of ground ambulances which are necessary to shuttle the passengers to and from the airport to the hospital or care center. A Case Coordinator can recommend best aircraft types based on the distance to be traveled and number of secondary passengers.

Airplane Types and Capabilities

  • Gulfstream Jet: For large parties that have significant distances to cover, we recommend use of our Gulfstream jets. These large and stable aircraft are known for their speed and comfortable ride. Manufactured by General Dynamics, the Gulfstream is one of the most recognized and sought after business aircraft in the world today. An escort carried out by a Gulfstream can transport up to 15 passengers and range up to 4,100 miles. The Gulfstream can obtain a top speed of 560 miles per hour. The Gulfstream is one of the more popular choices for air ambulance travel.
  • Learjet: Another popular and respected aircraft for medical transportation is the Learjet. Many of our customers choose this airplane because it provides a remarkably smooth ride and can cover long distances. It is an ideal aircraft for medical transports inside the United States and for medical cases that do not require large number of additional passengers. The Learjet is also a familiar and extremely well regarded airplane. The Learjet can obtain top speeds of 530 miles per hour and travel up to 3,000 miles. Our Learjet service can accommodate two additional passengers.
  • King Airs: These turboprop aircraft that have a maximum range of 1,250 miles and a top speed of just over 260 miles per hour. The King Airs aircraft can transport a patient and two passengers safely and securely across significant distances. King Airs are extremely sturdy and well built aircraft that are depended upon by emergency response services, government agencies and private pilots.
  • Cessna twin-engine: For medical cases that require shorter distances of travel, we recommend a Cessna twin-engine aircraft. Cessna airplanes are one of the most common personal aircraft flying the world today. They are safe, dependable and affordable solutions to medical transportation. However, with a range of only 850 miles, the Cessna is not appropriate for all cases. The Cessna will safely transport up to two passengers.

Our air fleet is built from the world’s most respected and trusted aircraft available today. Call us for more information or to have a Case Coordinator create travel options for you to consider.